Quality system

The testing and research laboratory has implemented a quality system according to the requirements of BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. The system is checked by the national accreditation body Executive Agency "Bulgarian Accreditation Service" /IA BSA/ and the Notifying Authority for the Republic of Bulgaria under Regulation (EU) 305/2011-Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRRD), which is certified with a Certificate of accreditation reg. No. 169-LI/ 06.10.2022 and order No. A 590 of 06.10.2022 and NB 2548 for the implementation of EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

To fulfill the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 LII "F plus", as an accredited and notified laboratory, has developed, implemented and implements the Management System.

LII "F plus" applies good laboratory practices in the implementation of tests and documentation of these processes in compliance with the order regulated in OP 400-2 "Rules for the organization of work and internal order in the laboratory".

In an effort to strengthen the trust in the laboratory activities carried out, and the commitment to providing services, in accordance with the basic principles of: objectivity, absence of conflict of interest, absence of bias, absence of discrimination, neutrality, honesty, openness, fairness, selflessness and equilibrium, as a conformity assessment body (testing laboratory), the management of "F plus" EOOD and the testing and research laboratory "F plus" have declared with:

- "Declaration of the manager of "F plus" OOD to ensure the impartiality of LII "F plus";

- "Declaration of the head of LII "F plus" at "F plus" OOD to ensure the impartiality of LII "F plus";

- "Declaration of the person responsible for the quality of LII "F plus" at "F plus" OOD to ensure the impartiality of LII "F plus".

The order for the protection of professional secrecy (confidentiality) of information obtained or created during the performance of laboratory activities is regulated by LII "F plus" in OP 302-1 "Protection of professional secrecy (confidentiality)".

The contractual relations arising between the laboratory, as the structure of "F plus" OOD, and the users of the services offered by the laboratory - individuals, legal entities, state or municipal bodies, agencies, structures or departments, are regulated in OP 601. -2 "General trading conditions" .

The management policy and the related long-term strategic goals of LII are defined by the Company Manager and the Head of the Laboratory. The goals set for the laboratory are achieved through a flexible quality policy that complies with the requirements of BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and market conditions. The management of the laboratory is committed to the implementation of the policies for the fulfillment of the set goals. To declare their commitment, the manager of "F plus" Ltd. and the head of LII "F plus" signed the "Declaration of the management of LII "F plus" on management policy" (FQ 702-1).

LII "F plus" is an accredited conformity assessment body (testing laboratory), applying a flexible scope with a degree of flexibility for introducing new versions of standards or standards that replace them. In this regard, LII maintains and makes publicly available an up-to-date list of standards with their dated versions and a list of the scope of laboratory activities.

The management of complaints and objections is carried out according to the procedure regulated in OP 609-1 "Complaints".