The classification of products, building components and structures depends on their practical purpose and relates to the test data, the possibilities for direct and extended application of results, European design codes, computer simulation and current national and European legislation.

The main European classification standards are related to:

  • BDS EN 13501-1 for fire reaction classification of general purpose construction products, floor coverings and pipes;
  • BDS EN 13501-2 for fire resistance of building elements and structures;
  • BDS EN 13501-3 for fire resistance of valves and air ducts;
  • BDS EN 13501-4 for fire and smoke control systems;
  • BDS EN 13501-5 for reaction to fire of roof coverings;
  • BDS EN 13501-6 for cable protection.
    The laboratory assists customers in the correct selection of the test method for the most complete evaluation of the tested product, assessing the widest possible application of the test data in practice or possible use in design, optimizing the number of tests performed.