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Fire resistance

Fire resistant limit

Reaction to fire

Determines the contribution to fire development


Assessment of resistance to fire

Why choose us?

Laboratory for Fire Testing and Research with Certificate of EA BAS according to BDS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
F Plus is a notified body with the identification number NB 2548 from the European Commission registry.
F Plus's laboratory testing and research is handled by highly qualified experts.

Request for testing and classification

Why choose us?

Ladies and gentlemen,

In connection with the introduced additional measures on the recommendations of the National Operational Headquarters to prevent the spread of COVID 19, we inform you about the ways to contact us in connection with the services we provide, as well as the steps to follow when visiting the offices of "F Plus" Ltd. and the laboratory premises of LII "F Plus"

  1. Priority should be given to using electronic administrative services.
  2. Make sure you do not have flu-like symptoms, observe high personal hygiene and, if possible, wear personal protective equipment.
  3. Use alternative methods to request and receive the service you have requested, for example by letter or e-mail or use electronic services.
  4. If there is no compelling reason to submit / receive / document or request and receive a service at this time - postpone the visit to our offices and laboratory premises.
  5. In case of an emergency visit, wear personal protective equipment, use the provided disinfectant and keep a safe distance of 1 meter between you and other people in the room.

Please keep calm. Let us be responsible, disciplined and socially engaged! To protect our and your health!

Testing and research laboratory to company "F Plus" OOD is in process of initial accreditation. The laboratory will not refer to the already expired accreditation reg. №169 ЛИ until the completion of the procedure.



dipl.-eng. Plamen Uzunov

General Manager “F plus” Ltd.

dipl.-eng. Detelin Spasov, PhD

Head of Laboratory for Fire Testing “F plus”

dipl.-eng. Najden Aleksov

Electronics and Control